French Provincial & Hamptons Styling By Veranda

Veranda has been offering West Australians a blend of French Provincial & Hamptons styling for the last 19 years.  Due to its timeless, comfortably elegant style it has remained popular, and so well suited to the West Australian climate and lifestyle.  When you walk into Veranda, you are immediately inspired by the homely ambience that you want to replicate in your own home with your own individual style.

For an elegant and relaxed style, consider a blend of French Provincial and Hamptons inspired styling. Both styles offer soft neutrals with natural materials, which work so well together.

Whether you prefer more rustic farmhouse or beachside living, you can mix and match to create a blend of Hamptons and French Provincial. These two styles will blend seamlessly together to add comfortably luxurious elegance to your home.

While French Provincial offers ornate details, Hamptons is more simplistic, yet elegant & comfortable. The differences between these two styles are subtle but both French Provincial and Hamptons are relaxed & timeless. Mixing classic Hamptons with the elegance of French Provincial can create a perfect blend of the two.

The Hamptons style is coastal and cool, originally inspired by New York’s affluent Long Island. Neutral tones with warm timbers and ocean inspired colour palettes create a relaxed yet sophisticated style enabling you to escape the city lifestyle.

The French Provincial style is relaxed & rustic, inspired from the countryside regions of 17th Century France. It’s a blend of quality craftsmanship and farmhouse, where city elegance meets simple country. Soft whites are often complemented with warm tones as well as fresh tones on upholstered fabric, portraying a more classy style.  Distressed timber reflects refined country living. 

Both Hamptons and French Provincial rely on wooden accents and furniture to make your space feel warm and lived in. The main difference is French Provincial’s tendency to rely on distressed wood and rustic metal to portray a country lifestyle. Large timber coffee tables are a good way to bring together Hamptons and Provincial styling. A rustic solid timber dining table can create a family heirloom piece with families gathering around it for years.

The primary colour for both Hamptons and French Provincial is white. This is often balanced with neutral shades like beige and timber, with hints of washed down blues as well as navy.  Large scale furniture and clean lines in soft textures offer comfort and luxury.

Hamptons and French Provincial use linen tones throughout which bring both styles together in the same space. Linen tones are perfect for making a space feel beautiful and provides texture to a simple interior. Pleated upholstered furniture with button detailing brings old world refined charm into your home. 

There is no absolute right or wrong way to decorate your home.  There is no need to replace all of your worldly possessions as these styles adapt beautifully to most interior settings. 

You can transform a space by adding selective pieces & you can influence the style you are hoping to achieve to create your own individual home.

Veranda has a large selection of Hamptons and French Provincial furniture, homewares and more in store, we look forward to seeing you soon.